Trisha P. 


I really like American Blackout’s products and items! I usually suffer from lights that are so quick to flicker off and lose its brightness but finding this brand was like a miracle to me. They were able to prove that the items are indeed high-quality and not to mention, they have a long lifespan and that it’s all not easy to break as well. Knowing that I am a bit clumsy, I always tend to break my own lamps whenever I study. However, buying lamps from American Blackout finally made me unbothered with my clumsiness because it doesn’t break so easily. 


Eline G. 

It’s actually so good to know that there is finally another company we could trust in light items. I’m so sick of my lights getting dim so easily and making it hard for me to work and study at night. I’m glad that my friend referred this company to me and told me that they have a great quality of lights so I tried it out and years after that, up until now, my lights are still working. It’s so bright and it makes it more appealing to work even at night. I don’t have to struggle with my old useless lights anymore! 


Kathleen V. 


I bought my mother tons of new lights from this company and I was so glad that she loved it. She told me it gave her enough lighting to make her knitted sweater at night. It was also able to make our house brighter and more beautiful so I’m so satisfied with the items of American Blackout. I am only hoping for more types of lamps soon so I could finally buy a new one for myself and use it well.