About Us 

American Blackout was built years ago when a businessman and his wife thought about creating their own items, lights. It was actually interesting how they ended up thinking about making this kind of business. As a housewife with a workaholic husband who always spends his time on his study table, he actually had a struggle dealing with the lights at home as he works all night long. The reason for it may be very arbitrary but the results of this struggle was very positive as it led to the development of high-quality lighting fixtures. 


This husband, who always wanted to work peacefully and continuously even in his house, started to get annoyed with their lights flicking and dying out. As a man who always wants to finish his work fast, the lights really became a big problem for him, especially when they are so easy to break, lose their brightness fast, resulting to a diminished purpose. But the husband was not the only one who struggled. His wife faced problems with their lights too which made it difficult for her to do chores inside the house every day. 


Now, as a man who already runs a company, he got a perfect idea that helped him create another business. They both decided that establishing a light company would be a good idea. Not just because they have problems with their lights but because they might also help other people fly developing really dependable and useful lighting fixtures. Years later, they now built American Blackout which is a company that sells lighting items that are high-quality. The couple is still grateful that they were able to think about it years ago. Now, they found a way to make lights more bright, have a longer lifespan, and become more unbreakable or firmer.They were glad to create a solution not just for themselves but also for other people.